Guiding Questions

What big ideas have your children been pondering . . .

Big Ideas

Music and Sound

Explore how sounds are made and how people use different kinds of sounds to create music. Learn about different types of instruments and different types of music, and explore how music and musical performances can convey messages or express emotions.


Discover how babies require special care so they can be safe, healthy and grow. Explore ways babies are cared for across cultures and communities. Investigate the ways babies communicate their needs and create connections with others as they enter the world and begin to grow.


Investigate different types of weather, tools and methods for predicting and measuring weather. Notice and identify seasonal weather patterns and explore the impacts weather has on our daily experiences and how it influences choices we make.

Kindness and Fairness

Explore the role of kindness, the power of our words, and take a deeper look at what it means for something to be fair. Develop critical thinking skills to analyze whether a situation or circumstance is fair or unfair.

two children pretend with musical instruments