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Adult Development Goals

Growing as an anti-bias/anti-racist educator includes introspection, self-reflection and a commitment to ongoing learning. Working with the following adult development goals will serve to deepen our relationships, collaborations, cultural relevance, critical pedagogy, and activism.

Goal 1: Identity

Educators will increase awareness and understanding of our own individual and social identity in its many facets and our own cultural contexts, both in childhood and currently.

Goal 2: Diversity

Educators will examine what we have personally learned about differences, connection, and what we enjoy or fear across lines of human diversity.

Goal 3: Justice

Educators will identify how we have been advantaged or disadvantaged by the “isms” and
the stereotypes or prejudices we have absorbed about ourselves or others.

Goal 4: Action

Educators will explore our ideas, feelings, and experiences of social justice activism; open up
dialogue with colleagues and families about all these goals; and develop the courage and
commitment to be a voice for children.