Secrets at School

Lots of kids share secrets.

Secrets can sometimes be fun.

Planning a birthday surprise and not telling the teacher is exciting.

This is a “don’t spill the beans” kind of secret. It is fun and does not break any school rules. It is OK to share “don’t spill the beans” secrets at school.

One child whispering secrets into a another child's ear.

Secrets can sometimes be “teasy”.

“I know a secret and you don’t! NAH-Nah-Nah-nah-nah-nah!”

This is a hurt feelings secret.  Secrets that hurt feelings break a school rule. It is not OK to share secrets that hurt feelings at school.

A boy pointing at another boy and laughing. The boy being pointed at is leaning against a wall with a sad expression.

Secrets can sometimes exclude other people. These are “leaving out” secrets. Leaving out secrets ignore some people and hurt feelings. It is not OK to share secrets that leave other people out at school.

A group of children are whispering  together away from a child who has his head down and looking sad.

It is important to remember school rules about secrets.  Rules keep people safe.  The school rules at our school are _________________________.  Telling hurt feelings secrets and leaving out secrets is not OK at school. They both break the ______________________ rule. 

Three children sitting in a circle playing a patty cake game together with smiles on faces.

It is important to remember the safe rules at school.  Following rules at school help keep people safe and happy.

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