Possible Components of Morning Meeting

Explicit Presentations

Explicit Presentations are the practice of intentionally naming materials and actions, and demonstrating the proper care and use of a material or activity.

Explicit Presentation Can be used to:

  1. Introduce a new material-demonstrate the care and properties of the material and how to use it.
  2. Introduce a specific activity and its objective.  Show process from beginning to end (including clean-up and care).
  3. Introduce a social norm, expectation, or interaction (grace and courtesy).

There is “no lesson too small” – putting things into a cubby, carrying blocks, interrupting politely, and using a paintbrush all require instruction.

Showing and Making Choices

Discuss and share the daily choices.

Use a Choice Bin and present props for each choice, with the correct amount of objects to represent the number of people that will work in each area

morning choices set out on a mat
teacher modeling a name building activity during morning meeting

Use a  picture of activities/areas on a choice board and have students put a “ticket” with their picture and name to mark their choice on the board.

teacher holding up choice board
choice board
student putting their ticket on choice board

Release from Morning Meeting

After explaining or reminding children what they will do next, dismiss children from the rug in an orderly fashion:

  • Integrating phonological games, letters, and curricular information
    • If your name starts with /s/ . . .
    • If you worked at the art area today . . .
    • If your have the letter V in your name . . .
  • Releasing children by the areas of their choices
  • Using skip counting rounds
    • 1 – 2 – 3 – go!  1 – 2- 3 – go! (every fourth person leaves the rug)


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Second Step Curriculum

Year-Long Trajectory

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