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Plus One Collections


Building Blocks, Weeks 11- 13: Children will:  

  • Count and create sets to 10
  • Compare quantities
  • Order numbers and lengths
  • Understand the plus 1 pattern
  • Connect numeral to quantity

Collections of 15 (or 55) – Exploring the Plus One Pattern or Building Stairs

Children love collections of objects – found or recycled.  Collections of identical objects (such as the tiles found in the Beautiful Stuff boxes) make it easy for children to associate quantities with numerals, as well as explore and deepen their understanding of the plus one (+1) pattern.  Children have had lots of practice creating sets and matching numbers to sets.  In this activity, children will practice creating and lining up sets in ways that make the “one more’ pattern visible. 

Using Collections of 15 Objects 

  1. Gather a collection of all the same object – possibly tiles from the Beautiful Stuff box, some pennies, or some pinecones.
  2. Create or find number cards 1-5 
  3. Find a piece of paper, a paper towel, a mat, or something to do your work on. 
  4. Place the number cards in order along the top, bottom, or left edge of your work area
  5. Create the sets, lining the objects up carefully. 
  6. Look at your work.  What do you notice?  What pattern do you see?  Why do the lines seem to get longer? What does it mean to add 1?

Using Collections of 55 Objects 

Using Collections of 55 Objects will allow children to create sets from 1 – 10.  Can you find a collection of 55 of something?

Paperclip stairs 1-10 with numbers


  • Build Towers:  Try this game with stacking and building materials, such as Legos, acorn caps, blocks, and more!  How easily do things balance?  How high can you balance your tallest stack?  
  • Count the Total: Once you have made your sets, can you count up all the items you used?
  • One More:  Start with any number you choose.  What number comes next, if you add one?
  • A Large Collection: If you have a very large collection, start at one and build sets.  What set number can you build to? 
Acorn stair building 1-5
Lego  stair building 1-5 with numbers

Year-Long Trajectory

The Year-Long Trajectory is your scope and sequence for learning experiences across the year.