Planning Morning Meeting

Using a template to plan Morning Meeting helps to connect elements of the meeting to one another and to the big idea of the current curriculum.

Morning meeting chart. Rows: Big Idea, Welcome and Greeting, Share, Learning Activity/Explicit Presentation, Morning Message

Examples from Different Times of the Year


Big IdeaWe are a classroom community.
Welcome and GreetingListening Song (Second Step)
Come into the Circle Song
Share(not yet, later in the month/year)
Learning ActivityExplicit Presentation of a classroom material
Morning Message(not yet, later in the month/year)


Big IdeaPeople and families use traditions and rituals to celebrate together.
GreetingPractice and pass greetings in home languages:
“Hola, ____.” Bom dia, ____.” “Bonjour, ____.” “Ni hao, ____.”
ShareStand up-Sit down  – Stand up if you . . (like pizza, have a sister, have black hair, etc.) . . then sit down.
Morning MessageHello, Today is Monday.  We will do a survey today. 
Do your grandparents live near you?
Learning ActivityGroup Survey T Chart – Have children place name cards to answer a survey question.  “Do your grandparents live nearby or far away?”


Big IdeaPeople write messages to share feelings and ideas with one another.
GreetingPractice a reciprocal greeting, while shaking hands.   
Greeting – “Good Morning, ____.”  Response – “Good Morning, ____.”
ShareInvite children to share personal stories about sending or receiving a letter.  Invite peers to share connections and comments.
Morning Message“Dear Children, Today is Tuesday.  We will practice how to write a message.  What might you say to a friend in a message?”
Learning Activity/Explicit PresentationModel writing a message, using a dry erase board  template (Dear ________, (space of a message) From, _______.)  Have children draw a peers name card and speak a message.  Take dictation and writing it into the template.  Then read it.  After a few rounds, present the word cards (Dear, Love, From, To, etc.) that will be available at the writing center for writing messages.


Big IdeaLiving Things Grow and Change
GreetingGreet as many people as you can in 30 seconds by saying “Hi, ______,” giving a high five, and waiting for them to say it back.
ShareShare personal stories of something you have learned (grown) to do at school this year.   Take questions and comments.
Learning ActivitySharing Work – Invite children who did observational drawings of the emerging sprouts and plants to show and talk about what they noticed.  Take questions and comments, after each child shares.
Morning Message“Good Morning Kiddos, Today is Thursday.  We will talk about how plants grow.  What have you noticed about the plants in the Science Center?”


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Second Step Curriculum

Year-Long Trajectory

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