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Butterfly Building

Happy Spring Super Teachers!  Here is the Math Vitamin for the Week.

Building Blocks, Weeks 23- 27: Shape Recognition, Shape Composition, Shape Parts, Counting, Subitizing and Adding.

Building butterflies is a wonderful activity for inviting children to integrate and apply many math concepts – symmetry, shape recognition and composition, planning, counting, adding, writing numerals, and recording their work.

How to play:

  1. Work on a piece of felt, using a short line, a pipe cleaner, a paintbrush, or something else to represent the butterfly’s body.  This item will also become the line of symmetry (If the children have not yet learned about the line of symmetry, this is a great mini lesson).
  2. Build butterfly wings by placing pattern blocks symmetrically on both sides of the line of symmetry.
  3. Work to piece blocks together to create colorful wing shapes and patterns. 
  4. When finished, draw to record your butterfly.  Add eyes and antennae. 
  5. Count the number of each shape used, and record it next to the shape.  (If the children have not yet learned to write zero, this is a great mini lesson).

pattern made with red, blue and yellow blocks
drawn pattern with identify shapes worksheet
pattern made with red and blue blocks
worksheet with drawn pattern and identify each shape

Extensions and Modifications:

  • If a child is ready, have them count and record the total number of pattern blocks used.
  • Compare the various amounts of each shape.
  • Take photos of children’s butterflies, if they are too tricky to draw.
  • Give children straws or coffee stirrers and send them on a symmetry hunt, using the stirrer to mark the line of symmetry. 
  • Have children study photos of butterflies, then record and count the markings they see.

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