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Big, BIG, Angry Feelings at School

A Social Story to Help

A box full of objects to help a child calm down such as a squishy ball, feeling wheel and cards that show emotions.

March, 2016

Amy Bamforth

When you feel sad or disappointed,

Girl frowning

When you feel frustrated,

Boy with hand on his head appearing upset and pouting.

When you feel angry,

Girl screaming.

When you feel MAD,

Girl crying and mad.

And when you feel FURIOUS,

Boy angry, teeth barred and fingers ready to pinch.
Boy angry with teeth barred.

Remember what you can do!

First, Stop.

Stop signs standing up in rows.

Take a breath.

Boy sitting on a cushion cross legged and breathing.

Then take another breath.

Boy taking a breath.


Girl in thinker's pose with hand on her cheek, finger extended looking upward.

What can you do?

Four children in thinker's pose with a thought bubble above their heads.

Kids can stop and think. Slow down.

You can FEEL the feelings and still make SAFE CHOICES.

You can feel BIG, BIG feelings and do things that help.

You can STOP your body from making things worse.


Don’t break anything!

Boy breaking glass with a red circle with a line through it.

Don’t pull hair!

One girl pulling another girl's pony tail with a red circle with a line through it.

Don’t bite anyone’s body!

Two girls pinching each other's cheeks in anger.

Don’t hit anyone’s body.

Two young boys fighting. One is pinching the other.

Don’t kick anyone’s body.

Two children fighting. One is kicking another.

All of those things just make it WORSE!  If you break, hurt, bite, hit,or kick, the problem only gets BIGGER!

What else could you do?

How can you help your BIG feelings get SMALLER?

Try Squeezing your hands really, really hard.

A child's fist.

Or squeeze some dough or a stress ball.

Girl squishing yellow playdough with a smile on her face looking satisfied.
A hand squeezing a small soft ball.

Bite a hard piece of fruit or a chewy necklace.

A young girl biting a pear.
A boy biting a therapeutic necklace.

Jump up and down, and up and down, and up and down….

Children jumping up and down.

Do some strong, heavy work.

A young boy pulling a wooden wagon with a child in it while another child is pushing the wagon.

Watch a sparkle jar. Look at a book.

A girl looking at a jar filled with blue liquid containing sparkles.
A boy reading a large book.

Take a break.

A boy peering out the binds covering a window.

Think of something funny. Listen to some music.

A boy with glasses  laughing.
A girl wearing headphones listening to music with her eyes closed smiling.

Wrap up in something soft.  Get a hug.

A boy with a soft fuzzy blanket smiling.
An boy hugging an adult and smiling.

Imagine you are in a powerful story!

A boy dressed up in a pirate hat sitting in a carboard box looking through a paper towel tube.

Use your arms.

A boy laying on a flat scooter pushing himself with his arms.

Use your legs.

A girl running with crutches.

Hold onto something you love.

A girl holding a stuffed animal looking at the camera.

Those big, big feelings will change.

You will feel better. 

You can be the boss of how you feel.

Two girls smiling.

You can feel happy again.

A boy smiling.

The End

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