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Curriculum & Pacing Guides

This is your resource for planning and pacing curriculum. The Building Blocks Pacing Guide supports weekly objectives and activities for the development of mathematical thinking. Science and Engineering draws from the Year-Long Trajectory’s Big Idea Guide pacing. Second Step weekly lessons keep you on track for supporting social emotional development. The Balanced Literacy Essential Practices have monthly overviews and distinct activity guides to help implement specific literacy strategies.


Anti-Bias / Anti-Racist Education

Expressive & Written Language

Fine Motor Drawing & Writing

Mathematical Thinking

Oral Language & Concept Development

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

Science and Engineering

Social Emotional Learning

Pacing Guides

Essential Practices Guide

September Pacing Guide

October Pacing Guide

November Pacing Guide

December-January Pacing Guide

February - March Pacing Guide

April-May-June Pacing Guide