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This is your resource for planning and pacing curriculum. The Building Blocks Pacing Guide supports weekly objectives and activities for the development of mathematical thinking. Science and Engineering draws from the Year-Long Trajectory’s Big Idea Guide pacing. Second Step weekly lessons keep you on track for supporting social emotional development. The Balanced Literacy Essential Practices have monthly overviews and distinct activity guides to help implement specific literacy strategies.


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Use this tool as a guide to documenting student learning from week to week, or periodically throughout the year.

The Building Blocks Curriculum is the foundation of our mathematics instruction. Use this pacing guide to effectively deliver instruction throughout the year.

Using a template to plan Morning Meeting helps to connect elements of the meeting to one another and to the big idea of the current curriculum.

View this Block Play Professional Development slide deck to consider the various components that go into designing, managing, and growing effective construction and block play experiences.

Letters are symbols that carry meaning and sounds, all while making words. Support children to build these connections.

Providing children with a range of quality read aloud experiences is essential for learning to read.

Where we once used the term “anti-bias education,” we now use the term “anti-bias/anti-racist education”. Why the change? And, why are we centering race?

Children notice and wonder about the physical features of themselves and others. Here is a series of lessons to explore their interests.

When children wonder about similarities and differences, we are seeing their math minds at work. Explore the connection between anti-bias/anti-racist and math lessons.

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