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Spring Writing Center

January 5, 2022

ELA Monthly Pacing Guide: April/May 

Domain: Fine Motor, Drawing, and Writing (Domain: Physical Development & the Mechanics of Writing, Print Concepts)

  • Children will label pictures using word cards and/or begin to sound out words.
  • Teachers will model letter and word writing (morning message, anchor charts, and lists)
  • Teachers will (in small groups) sound out letters and words with children so children can label their own work. Use correct letter formation on students work

Domain: Building Blocks Math Week 26: Counting, Sequencing, Number Composition

  • Children will count to and back from 10 and beyond, add small numbers sums to five, recognize sum of two groups, composing, subtracting.

Spring is finally upon us, and it is time to update your drawing and writing center to meet children’s growing skills and integrate the BIG IDEAS: Living things grow and change. This writing center highlights spring flowers and integrates vocabulary connected to a book, Rain by Robert Kalan and Donald Crews, in multiple ways. Note how almost all activities link to the BIG IDEA and the text.

Spring literacy center shelf

Some things stay out all year: 

Paper choices and sizes, clipboards, tiny books, I-Spy, sandpaper letters, sand tray,  variety of drawing and writing tools, stencils.  

Top of shelf with the book Rain, vocabulary cards ad clothespin letters

Clothespin vocabulary, vocabulary cards, and initial sound book are all directly linked to the book Rain and the BIG IDEA.

Initial Sound Books:

  • Cut up small pictures based on the text.
  • Child glues one picture on paper.
  • Child writes (or traces) letter on page.
  • Repeat to make a few pages for a book!
Math tray with spring scene, props and dice. Basket of flowers and stems

Places Scenes: Roll dice, add flowers or tiles, roll again and count the sum. Use number cards to label sum. Use paper to write down the child’s addition math story. 

Flower Sorting: Roll out felt mat, sort flowers into categories, can label with names or colors of flowers.

Basket with cut up color pain strip. Tray with flower cutting strips, scissors and glue sticks

Color Gradation:  Choose a color group, layout in a row from dark to light. Repeat with the next group. Paint sample books cut up!

Flower Collage: On black paper. Floral tissue paper. Can write a small story about collage. 

Year-Long Trajectory

The Year-Long Trajectory is your scope and sequence for learning experiences across the year.

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