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Social Emotional Learning

A social story to support children to process and discuss big feelings and challenging experiences.

Persona Dolls are large dolls, with unique stories, that represent multiple types of diversity, support children’s understandings of difference, and open conversation about life experiences.

The social story is about making mistakes and turning them around. It supports the development of self-regulation and problem-solving.

This social story helps children discuss and develop skills for managing big feelings. It is full of ideas and possibilities.

This social story helps with biting.

This social story is about keeping our bodies safe and the rules for why and who can and cannot touch our bodies as we grow.

This social story is about telling secret and keeping secrets, as well as school rules about secrets.

This social story is about becoming a good friend at school.

Social stories are a powerful tool for helping children learn about and practice particular communication and social skills. They are most successful when created for specific uses.

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