Morning Meetings

Using a template to plan Morning Meeting helps to connect elements of the meeting to one another and to the big idea of the current curriculum.

Thoughtful presentations of materials and systems for sharing choices and manage the flow of children’s work support independent and focused play in the classroom.

Morning Message helps students connect with the day’s plans and transition into the rest of the day.  It builds excitement about the learning that will happen each day.

Group Activities help contributes to the group’s sense of community by building a repertoire of common songs, games, chants, and experiences.

Sharing at Morning Meeting validates children’s life experiences as it supports speaking and listening skills and builds connections and community.

Greeting every child at the beginning of the day provides children with a sense of community and belonging. Children learn one another’s names, build connections, and develop caring and welcoming practices.

Morning Meeting is an essential tool to support classroom community building, daily routines, and social emotional learning.