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Plan your classroom activities with our detailed guides. This is a resource library to help you with building a curriculum for your students. Filter results based on the year-long trajectory, click to read each guide, and print or download full articles to start creating your student’s curriculum.

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Early writing opportunities and intentionally designed experiences support children to grow as both writers and readers. Creating words gives a new form of representation and voice to a child.

This social story is about keeping our bodies safe and the rules for why and who can and cannot touch our bodies as we grow.

This social story is about telling secret and keeping secrets, as well as school rules about secrets.

This social story is about becoming a good friend at school.

Social stories are a powerful tool for helping children learn about and practice particular communication and social skills. They are most successful when created for specific uses.

These guiding questions can help when you need to create a new social story to support a child or classroom around a unique need.

This simple chart can be a useful tool to support a child who unsure what to do when something or someone is bothering them.

Children are surrounded by environmental print.  They begin to ‘read’ this print at an early age through repetitive exposure and use it to construct knowledge and make sense of their world.

Sharing information with families about fine motor, mark making, drawing and writing development can create a powerful home-school connection that integrates literacy experiences throughout the child’s world.