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This is your resource for planning and pacing curriculum. The Building Blocks Pacing Guide supports weekly objectives and activities for the development of mathematical thinking. Science and Engineering draws from the Year-Long Trajectory’s Big Idea Guide pacing. Second Step weekly lessons keep you on track for supporting social emotional development. The Balanced Literacy Essential Practices have monthly overviews and distinct activity guides to help implement specific literacy strategies.


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Thoughtful presentations of materials and systems for sharing choices and manage the flow of children’s work support independent and focused play in the classroom.

Persona Dolls are large dolls, with unique stories, that represent multiple types of diversity, support children’s understandings of difference, and open conversation about life experiences.

Block play is an essential part of the early childhood experience, supporting children’s understanding of structure, story, and the world around them.

The social story is about making mistakes and turning them around. It supports the development of self-regulation and problem-solving.

This social story helps children discuss and develop skills for managing big feelings. It is full of ideas and possibilities.

This social story helps with biting.

Making and using class books with young children is a powerful tool for engaging children as audience, readers, authors, and illustrators. There are so many possibilities.

Dialogic Reading is an interactive reading strategy that encourages educators to ask questions and prompt discussions during a read-aloud. 

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