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This is your resource for planning and pacing curriculum. The Building Blocks Pacing Guide supports weekly objectives and activities for the development of mathematical thinking. Science and Engineering draws from the Year-Long Trajectory’s Big Idea Guide pacing. Second Step weekly lessons keep you on track for supporting social emotional development. The Balanced Literacy Essential Practices have monthly overviews and distinct activity guides to help implement specific literacy strategies.


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In order to fully see and embrace every child, we must see and embrace every family and their funds of knowledge.

Children need books, materials and experiences that reflect who they are. Books by authors and illustrators who look and live like them are even more powerful.

Thinking, planning and teaching through an Anti-bias/Anti-racist (ABAR) lens is essential in order to provide every child with equitable access to learning environments and experiences that reflect who they are and the world they live in.

A social story to support children to process and discuss big feelings and challenging experiences.

Children love to gather and sort collections. Here is some basic information to support and extend these learning experiences.

This list of songs and lyrics supports and reinforces the Building Blocks math learning objective through songs and finger plays.

Children love to categorize and sort objects and people. Graphing intentionally supports children to analyze and makes sense of the data they collect in their lives.

The world is full of shapes. The study of geometry provides children with vocabulary, concepts, and ways to think about the orientation and relationships between the shapes all around us.

Number sense is all about quantity, counting, and the relationships between sets of objects. Number sense development happens sequentially through concrete experiences.

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