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Plan your classroom activities with our detailed guides. This is a resource library to help you with building a curriculum for your students. Filter results based on the year-long trajectory, click to read each guide, and print or download full articles to start creating your student’s curriculum.

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Teacher and caregivers, as navigate work-life balance it is essential to take some time for yourself

Creating shapes using objects from home or school promotes mathematical thinking and categorizations skills

Extend opportunities with Unifix cube by adding masking tape and see where it takes you

Working with children’s names is a highly motivating way to introduce children to letter naming and letter sound recognition.

Collections of identical objects help children associate quantities with numerals

Start by providing children with: various “scenes,” character objects to manipulate, a tool for identifying the numbers to use.

Placing letters, words, numbers and shapes around the room is a fun and engaging away for children to practice recognizing, drawing and writing them

With warmer weather ahead, it is a great time of year to plan some outdoor activities with your children.

Here is the Literacy Vitamin for the week! Essential Practice: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Children will listen to and identify initial sounds                             Teachers will play targeted phoneme sorting games with small groups and/or individual children Initial Phoneme Sorting – Sound Drawers Initial Picture Card Sorting Connections and Extensions